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Free Shipping-100pcs 10ml Multi-Flavors E-liquid E-Juice for All

  • Model: e liquid 10ml 100pcs
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Product Detail
Free Shipping-100pcs 10ml Multi-Flavors E-liquid E-Juice for All Electronic Cigarette

Product Description

The atomized cartridge is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container. The liquid container contains nicotine diluent which are ready to be atomized; it does not contain ingredients harmful to human body, such as tar and carcinogenic substance. The inhaler and liquid container are disposable. According to nicotine content, the atomized cartridges are classified into four kinds: high, medium, low and zero. Cartridge with high, medium or low nicotine content are only used as the substitute for cigarette during the process of smoke abstention, and the cartridge free of nicotine is for long-term use.
Forbidden users Minors under 18 years old. People without the habit of smoking. People sensitive to cigarette or any other ingredients in the inhalant. Pregnant and breast feeding women.

Main features

  • Use it to add into your cartridge to keep smoking
  • Normal Flavors of e-liquid: Menthol,Tobacco, Marlboro, Menthol
  • Cartridge level: Super High-36mg, Extra High-24mg, high-18mg, Medium-11mg, Low-6mg, Zer-0mg
  • 1 10ml bottle weight: 20gnet
  • Certificate Available: CE/ ROHS/ SGS

 e-liquid Flavors available

    Normal cigarette flavors:

    • USA Mix/M-Normal [N01]
    • Desert Ship/Camel [N02]
    • Hillington/Hilton [N03]
    • 555/State Express / 3&5 [N04]
    • Virginia [N05]
    • Tobacco [N06]
    • Deluxe tobacco/Dunhill [N07]
    • KENT / SEC [N08]
    • Winston / Wensten [N09]
    • 7 Wolves /Septwolves [N10]
    • Blended (DK-TAB) [N11]
    • Turkish Tobacco(Blend) [N12]
    • Mild Seven / My seven [N13]
    • Gold & Silver/B-Gold & Silver [N14]
    • French Pipe / FPF [N15]
    • Cigar [N16]
    • P-Congress / Congress [N17]
    • Cuba Cigar [N18]]
    • Flue Cured Tobacco [N19]
    • Nport /Newport [N20]

    Ruyan flavors:

    • RY 1 [R01]
    • RY 2 [R02]
    • RY 3 [R03]
    • RY 4 [R04]

    Fruit flavors:

    • Apple [F01]
    • Banana [F02]
    • Strawberry [F03]
    • Grape [F04]
    • Pineapple [F05]
    • Lemon [F06]
    • Pomegranate [F07]
    • Cherry [F08]
    • Orange [F09]
    • Mandarin [F10]
    • Mango [F11]
    • Health Pear [F12]
    • Juicy peach [F13]
    • Watermelon [F14]
    • Menlon [F15]
    • Kiwi [F16]
    • Coconut [F17]
    • Litchi [F18]
    • Almond [F19]
    • Migua [F20]
    • Shaddock [F21]
    • Fruit mix [F22]
    • Cocoa [F23]
    • Vanilla [F24]
    • Spearmint [F25]
    • Rose [F26]
    • Osmanthus fragrans [F27]
    • Licorice [F28]
    • Clove/Lilac [F29]
    • Jasmine [F30]
    • Fennel [F31]
    • Blueberry [F32]
    • Greengage [F33]
    • Menthol [F34]
    • Mint [F35]

    Others flavors:

    • Concentrated fragrance [Q01]
    • Light fragrance [Q02]
    • Coffee [Q03]
    • Chocolate [Q04]
    • Dr. Pepper / Pepper [Q05]
    • Cream [Q06]
    • Toffee / Caramel [Q07]
    • Gingseng [Q08]
    • Double Mint / Green Mint [Q09]
    • Rum [Q10]
    • Cappuccino [Q11]
    • Peanut butter [Q12]
    • Chocolate cream [Q13]
    • Coca Cola / Red Cola [Q14]
    • Pepsi Cola / Blue Cola [Q15]
    • Red Bull / Energy cow [Q16]
    • Lamberti / Lambti [Q17]
    • Vitamin A/B/C/D [Q18]
    • Whisky Taste [Q19]
    • Champagne [Q20]
    • Coenzyme Q10 [Q21]
    • Brandy / bandi [Q22]
    • Black Tea [Q23]
    • Green Tea [Q24]

All flavors can be made contain nicotine or not. Nicotine strength can be tailored. Above taste can be made with or without PROPYLENE GLYCOL. Customized flavours available as per clients requirement. Welcome to inquire.

    Strength of nicotine content:

    • Zero: 0mg; Low: 6mg, Medium: 11-14mg, High: 16 or 18mg; Extra High: 18 or 24mg, Super High: 36mg(Nicotine per 1g of E-liquid). Strength varies on different flavors with Normal Tobacco flavors containing highest strength of nicotine.

    Package content

    • 100pcs e liquid 10 ml( you can choose 10 kinds of flavors, MOQ each flavor 10pcs)

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